Musician / Digital Artist

Goldenseed – The Years Of Obscurity

26 May 2023 -

This is the sixth album for the Goldenseed saga, written in 2022 and published one year later. The initial idea was to recreate the musical style of Karnak (band in which I played from 1993 to 2010) expecially in their most progressive period, when we were mixing technical death metal with dark and obscure atmospheres […]

Goldenseed – Illness

17 Oct 2021 -

This album, initially written in 2017 and published in 2020, should have been the second album of the band Born Again. For a number of reasons, the band’s activity wasn’t going forward for some years. I had these ten songs ready for preproduction in MIDI format, so I decided to turn them into the fifth […]

Gabriele Pala – Music For Magic

21 Oct 2017 -

This is the first, and the only one at the present day, album released under my personal name and not as a band or as a project. The 17 tunes of this work were written in few months at the beginning of 2017 with the intent to create a soundtrack for the shows of the […]

Goldenseed – The Astral Hologram

18 Oct 2017 -

This is the fourth chapter of my solo project, Goldenseed. It was written and recorded in 2017, a bunch of years later than its predecessor. Initially, the intent was to create a solo album for the Chapman Stick alone, with some occasional clean vocal lines. However, all the singers I got in contact with couldn’t […]

Celestial Serenity – The City Of Golden Gates

24 Oct 2014 -

Celestial Serenity are an internaltional project made up of musicians coming from all over the Earth. I was invited in this band by Joshua Leon, initially to play some guitar solos. In the meanwhile, the original bassist left the project, so I decided to take over his role by embracing the Chapman Stick. CS’s music […]

Azure Agony – Our Last Time On Earth

23 Oct 2014 -

This is the third and last (for the moment) album of Azure Agony, published in digital format only, right before we decided to suspend the activities of the band in 2014. This album features a totally renewed bass & drums section. We wanted this work to be a musical testament of what we did thus […]

Goldenseed – Collector Of Illusion

01 Nov 2007 -

In this second album of my personal project named Goldenseed, written between 2006 and 2007, i had the chance to experiment a lot with my voice. I tried to utilize different kind of voices, ranging from classic clean metal belting, to growls and fry, spoken vocals and even sometimes some high-pitched falsetto, along with all […]

Karnak – Laboratorium

01 Nov 2004 -

In 2004, Karnak went mad. This is the apex of the progressive phase of this band. We abandoned the growl voices and any other kind of classical death metal directions, to land to avant-garde and obscure atmospheres with a lot of references to the great composers of the XX century like Ligeti, Berio and others, […]

Karnak – Tutti i Colori Del Buio

03 Nov 2002 -

This self-produced album by Karnak, dated 2002, is a tribute to the Italian horror filmography of the 70s, hence the title (it’s a famous Sergio Marino‘s movie, year 1972). The song are very obscure, but still brutal and aggressive. This works features a lot of guitar synth interventions, not all the parts you hear are […]

Goldenseed – Creatures Of The Sea

06 Nov 1999 -

This is my first release under the moniker of Goldenseed, back in 1999. Initially, the project was born to recycle the songs of the first demo of Subtraction (a band that lately will change its name into Karnak), entitled “Eternal”. But, from the very beginning, that idea was abandoned and something really different came out. […]