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Mekong Delta – The Principle Of Doubt (review)

03 Jul 2024 -

An extremely underrated German band, which falls into that isolated strand that emerged and died between the late ’80s and the early years of the following decade, called “techno thrash” by critics, where I would also place bands like Sieges Even, Watchtower, Confessor, and Toxic. Among this aforementioned group, Mekong Delta might be the least […]

Ghost – Impera (review)

03 Jul 2024 -

The latest full-length to date from the Swede Tobias Forge, known under the moniker of Ghost. This band, if it can be called that, needs little introduction. The genre presented, even in this work, is a rock pop with occasional metal elements, very theatrical, and extremely well-arranged. The themes of the lyrics are the same […]

Haunted Shores – Void (review)

03 Jul 2024 -

Side project of Periphery guitarists, Misha Mansoor and Mark Holcomb. Very intricate instrumental death prog, filled with blasts, chord-based atmospheres, and caustic breakdowns. In short, we find a bit of all the guitar elements that have made the two axemen who created this project popular. The sound is modern and excellently produced, as one would […]

Hath – All That Was Promised – review

24 Jun 2024 -

An American band that offers very well-crafted atmospheric death metal, thick and articulated, with good production. They certainly don’t shine for originality (in my opinion, you can often hear influences from Morbid Angel and Hypocrisy, especially regarding the arrangements of the rhythm section), but the atmospheres that Hath manage to create with interesting guitar interplay […]

Sanhedrin – Lights On [review]

21 Jun 2024 -

New York power trio led by singer/bassist Erica Stoltz, offering excellent 80s-style heavy metal. At times, strong influences of Iron Maiden, Scorpions, and Saxon can be heard, which our musicians exploit to compose simple and catchy songs that will delight genre enthusiasts. Nothing to shout about miracles for, but certainly effective and enjoyable.