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Mekong Delta – The Principle Of Doubt (review)

Mekong Delta The Principle Of Doubt

An extremely underrated German band, which falls into that isolated strand that emerged and died between the late ’80s and the early years of the following decade, called “techno thrash” by critics, where I would also place bands like Sieges Even, Watchtower, Confessor, and Toxic.

Among this aforementioned group, Mekong Delta might be the least flashy but definitely the most original. This is evident from the compositions on this album, their third release, dating back to 1989.

The sounds are very strange, even for that time, with melodies and riffs in constant dissonance that seem to be played by plastic robots, sci-fi arrangements with various cameos of bizarre-sounding instruments. A voice that always seems reluctant to follow the parts of its colleagues. Imagine all of this grafted onto the riffing of the most uncompromising thrash of those years, and you will get an inkling of the musical proposition of these crazy Germans.