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Ghost – Impera (review)

Ghost Impera

The latest full-length to date from the Swede Tobias Forge, known under the moniker of Ghost.

This band, if it can be called that, needs little introduction. The genre presented, even in this work, is a rock pop with occasional metal elements, very theatrical, and extremely well-arranged. The themes of the lyrics are the same as those found in the early works: a sort of dark, but sweetened so that the average person can enjoy it without being worried.

The music also seems meticulously crafted, with so much perfection and quality in what you hear.

In general, nothing new under the sun for Ghost, but yet another album of incredible quality that falls into that thin territory that will make it unappealing to the most uncompromising metalhead while at the same time making even those who find a simple rock song heavy feel rebellious and dark.