Musician / Digital Artist

Born Again – Unprecedented Atrocities

22 Oct 2016 -

This is the first and the only album of the band Born Again, in which I had the pleasure to play between 2014 and 2017. It contains ten tracks of obscure and dark heavy metal, with a lot of old-school influences, yet capable of sounding fresh and catchy. In this album, differently from all my […]

Goldenseed – The War Is In My Mind

30 Oct 2012 -

I began to write the music for this album in 2011 with the intent to create a solo work mainly focused on guitar, after having participated with the song Kosmos 233 in an international contest called Guitar Idol, 3rd edition. After the competition (that I didn’t win btw :D ), Kosmos 233 and another song […]

Azure Agony – India

27 Oct 2012 -

This is the second Azure Agony album, the first one with vocals. Perhaps it’s the most melodic and linear music that I’ve ever written so far. Like the previous work of the band, the backbone of these songs can be found in the prog metal area, taking inpiration from the quite obvious Dream Theater mastery, […]

Azure Agony – Beyond Belief

01 Nov 2010 -

This is the first album I made with Azure Agony. I joined this band in 2006, accepting an invitation from the keyboardist Marco Sgubin to play three songs (written by a previous line-up) for a local contest. After that event we decided to continue as a band, to write a full-length album. We also tried […]

Karnak – Dismemberment

31 Oct 2010 -

This album, dated 2010, is my list appearance in Karnak, a band that I was involved in since 1993. Perhaps this title is somehow meaningful. I left the band right after the publishing of this album by Copro Records UK, due to personal and musical differences with the other members of the bad, actually a […]

Karnak – Melodies Of Sperm Composed

05 Nov 2000 -

Perhaps, my most representative musical work so far. This album contains all the elements that I always want to find in music: complexity, deviated riffs and melodies, horrorific keyboards, different types of voice, insane lyrics and a lot of virtuosity in the rhythmic section. All the songs were written in few months in 1998 with […]