Extended Range Guitars & Chapman Stick Player


On this page you can hear some of the music I wrote. By clicking on the "details" link on each track, some more details are provided. This page will be constantly updated with new stuff as soos as it's ready, so please check back often. Feel free to share, comment, and give feedbacks!
  • Goldenseed – Where The River Ends[details]
  • Goldenseed – The Cathedral Of Incarnation[details]
  • Goldenseed – Die Königin[details]
  • Goldenseed – Broken Down Palace[details]
  • Goldenseed – Limbo[details]
  • Azure Agony – Libra’s Fall (acoustic version)[details]
  • Azure Agony – India (acoustic version)[details]
  • Azure Agony – Private Fears (acoustic version)[details]
  • Azure Agony – Twin Babel (acoustic version)[details]
  • Azure Agony – Hold My Hand (acoustic version)[details]
  • Azure Agony – Forever Blind (acoustic version)[details]
  • Goldenseed – Chaos Within[details]
  • Goldenseed – Sevenfold Thy Heaven[details]
  • Goldenseed – Creatures Of The Underworld[details]
  • Goldenseed – Charade[details]
  • Goldenseed – Aragonite Sea[details]
  • Azure Agony – Private Fears[details]
  • Goldenseed – The Awakening[details]

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