Musician / Digital Artist

Goldenseed – Broken Down Palace


Artist: Goldenseed

Album: Collector Of Illusions

Year: 2007

Line up:

Gabriele Pala – guitars, vocals, programming


Morning holds blood in its mouth
Grinding its stridulous teeth
Like shocks infibulating nerves
The will flies now thus far
Like a condor in the fog fed up by germs and infants
Sail towards volcanic shores
Erupt thy disgraced majesty
Play chess with the one behind your face
Drug your spouse lying in her virginal white veil
A knife into her love
And the palace collapses
Spots of blinking lights hypnotize my viper
As you all suck my heart
Blindness to your inquisitive eye
Like the butterfly strangling me
A slipknot to humanity
Broken down palace crumbles to bricks
Unstructured by a ray of light
Nothing will preserve your memory
Unfolded by corrosive hot wings
Landing onto the nowhere-land of my thoughts
A desert of charred flowers
Logic sequence is lost forever
As my ruins lie abandoned