Musician / Digital Artist

Azure Agony – India (acoustic version)


Artist: Azure Agony

Album: Our Last Time On Earth

Year: 2014

Line up:

Gabriele Pala – chapman stick
Federico Ahrens – vocals
Marco Sgubin – keyboards, accordion
Nickolas Gios – bass
Alessandro Dri – drums, percussions


Lost inside outside, nowhere
I’m supposed to go astray
No compass, that’s not my way
I don’t wanna sink this way
I don’t wanna sink today

Sail away
Find a way

Morning light, crossing and tearing this bounce of time
I can’t hide
Forever crawling to the top of the tower
The tower’s my destiny
Longing to that, the deep

Sail away
Find a way
No escape

Can’t you see, this melody is bleeding off my deadly night
I can’t take no rest
Pull me out from this pain

This misty morning is blurring out my track
In front and back and upside down
The signs of this king without a crown are friendly seeds and all way back
Runaway, they all say
Runaway, I feel them
Runaway, I know them ran away

No way to see you
No way to meet you
Fallen star
From the top of this sky so high

Someday, one day
Every day missing my fairytale
Leading me where your leaves ain’t fall
Calm waters singing you’re alone
Glide in soft summer breeze

Every day but not today