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Azure Agony – Hold My Hand (acoustic version)


Artist: Azure Agony

Album: Our Last Time On Earth

Year: 2014

Line up:

Gabriele Pala – chapman stick
Federico Ahrens – vocals
Marco Sgubin – keyboards, accordion
Nickolas Gios – bass
Alessandro Dri – drums, percussions


Moon shines over the trees
Night wind is swirling while a gente wolf sings
Black hair is casting her spell
And dew drops will ring the morning bell

Come now open the chest
This treasure is worth the dragon breath
No more need to pretend
Now close your eyes and hold my hand

Please sun hear the cry of this soul
Dry all the tears flowing onto my face
Please sun open wide my eyes
Show me the lonely road of life

Now I am ready for a second rebirth
From a crysalis I’ll bloom
Towards the sun I’ll finally go
With nor hesitation nor fear
I trust a hope kept far from this world
So please hold my hand

All the wild flames in the night we meet
Making my wine tasting now so sweet
Mankind’s lost its blanked mind
Drink with me and we will find