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My musical instruments

On this page you will find the list of the musical instruments I currently own and use.


Ibanez RG8 left handed

Ibanez RG8 Left Handed

I bought this guitar in 2015, after I regret selling the previous Ibanez I had at that time, a RG7420. In that period, the eight string model with the fixed bridge was available, so I got it. After all, you cannot be a serious heavy metal guitarist without an Ibanez in your arsenal! Like all […]


BassLab Gabriele Pala Std Model

In 2008 I contacted Heiko Hoepfinger, creator of the BassLab brand, for the realization of a guitar built upon my specifications. At that times, building a custom guitar was not as popular as today, so why not choosing the most alien stuff available around? As you can see, the first thing that tickles curiosity is […]