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Karnak – Tutti i Colori Del Buio

This self produced album from Karnak was made to tribute the Italian horror filmography of the 70s, hence the title (it is a famous Sergio Marino‘s movie made in 1972).

The songs are dark and obscure yet brutal.

In this album there are a lot of guitar synth interventions, not all the keyboards you hear actually come from a synthesizer but from the midi pickup of my guitar, tracking a Roland GR-50.

It’s also the first recording I made with a 7 strings guitars… never came back to six since then!

For the first time, anticipating the times, guitars were recorded by using amp simulators, that nowadays are a common rule.


  1. Tutti i Colori Del Buio
  2. M.A.S.S. (Malignant Arcane Sacred Sabbath)
  3. The Others
  4. Daddy Just Wanted To Play
  5. Synthetic Tears
  6. Phobia
  7. Passion Of The Last Supper


Matteo Weber – Vocals
Gabriele Pala – Guitar, Guitar Synth
Marco Colella – Keyboards
Roberto Sarcina – Bass, Spoken Vocals
Stefano Rumich – Drums and Electronic Percussions


Music and lyrics by: Karnak
Drums Recorded by: Enrico Perusin
Guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals recorded by: Gabriele Pala
Mixing and mastering by: Gabriele Pala
Artwork and logo by: Edoardo Sartori, Gabriele Pala


Shapeless (8.5 / 10)



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