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Karnak – Melodies Of Sperm Composed

Perhaps my most representative release of all times.

This album contains all the elements I would like to find in music: complexity, deviated melodies and riffs, horror keyboards, different types of aggressive vocals, disturbing lyrics, drums & bass virtuosity.

The songs were written in about six months in 1998 with the help of the pianist Marco Colella, who, during the years, entered and left the band in various moments. By the way, he left the band right before the actual recording in studio, so I played his parts on the record.

It was actually our first professional recording, all the production was made at Fear Studio, in Alfonsine. All the parts are recorded good at the first take, no metronome tracks or fancy editing was done.

This work remained in a sort of limbo, till 2000 when it was published worldwide by the Italian label The 12th Planet Records.

We soon started to receive a great appreciation for this music, a lot of reviews and contacts from people from all over the planet. After many years a lot of people still remember this album, ask me about that and sometimes share it around. A very big satisfaction!

The bad side of all this is that this line-up of the band didn’t survive long enough to bring the band on a live situation in a serious manner that could give this project the jumpstart it always deserved.

The final release contained also a bonus track, entitled “Zeder”, available only via the multimedia track of the disc. That song should have been part of the next release of the band (“Tutti i Colori del Buio”).


  1. Spermatozombies
  2. Melodies Of Sperm Composed
  3. A Face Disfigured By Thorns
  4. Gorham
  5. Eyes Of Larva
  6. My Enchanting Normality
  7. Angel Hooked
  8. Pollen Of My Penis
  9. Other Two Days
  10. Zeder (bonus song in multimedia track)


Seby Dimartino – Vocals
Stefano Rumich – Drums
Gabriele Pala – Guitars, Keyboards
Roberto Sarcina – Bass


Music by: Karnak and Marco Colella
Lyrics by: Seby DiMartino
Recorded, mixed and mastered by: Gabriele Ravaglia and Riccardo Pasini @ FearStudio
Artwork and logo by: Edoardo Sartori, Roberto Sarcina, Stefano Rumich



Underworld Metal Blog shared the title track on Youtube:


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