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Karnak – Laboratorium

In 2004, Karnak got mad.

This is the apex of the progressive side of that band.

We even abandoned the growl voices or any other typical death metal attitudes to land in a work mostly made of progressive and dark atmospheres with a lot of references to the avant-garde composers of the early XX century like Ligeti, Berio and many more, still keeping the metallic fury of distortion guitars.

On vocals we had mr. Alessandro Seravalle, better known for being the mastermind of the Italian progressors Garden Wall, that are very popular among the fans of that genre.

Actually, the full work is made up of 11 songs, but only 7 were recorded for this promo CD.

We even got in touch with the Italian label Code666, that marked this work as non original. Well, anything can be said about this record, but not that is not original!

The few live appearances of this line-up left our public very suprised… I still remember their faces when listening to these songs!

I really would like to re-issue this product with all the 11 songs and a modern sounding production.


  1. Do We See Through A Microscope?
  2. Simmetria
  3. Quinta Fuarsa
  4. OTX2
  5. Boomerang
  6. Model Hamiltonians (Fitting Highly Fictionalized Objects)
  7. Die beruehmte Katze von Schroedinger


Alessandro Seravalle – Vocals
Gabriele Pala – Guitar, Guitar Synth
Marco Colella – Keyboards
Romolo Del Franco Natale – Bass
Stefano Rumich – Drums and Electronic Percussions


Music by: Karnak
Lyrics by: Alessandro Seravalle
Drums Recorded by: Diego Biloslavo
Guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals recorded by: Gabriele Pala
Mixing and mastering by: Gabriele Pala and Stefano Rumich
Artwork and logo by: Gabriele Pala

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