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Karnak – Dismemberment

This my last appearance in Karnak, perhaps the title of the album has something meaningful in it.

I left the band right after that Copro Records UK published this album in 2010, due to personal and musical different ideas.

This album is structured somehow like Pestilence’s Testimony Of The Ancients: there is an alternation of intros and actual songs.

The lyrics are all about medieval tortures and music took inspiration from the classic brutal death metal acts of all times, nonetheless the classic Karnak sound is still present in the music.

The two heads of the artwork are taken from a classic Bruegel picture, with the courtesy and licence of the museum that host the original art.


  1. At The Gates Of Tyrants (*)
  2. 15th February 1622
  3. Between God And Satan (*)
  4. Blood And Sadism
  5. Bloodbath In Novgorod (*)
  6. 1584 URSS
  7. Diabolic Voyage (*)
  8. Scavenger’s Daughter
  9. Hammer Of Decomposition (*)
  10. The Torture Of The Boats
  11. Purification (*)
  12. The Kiss Of The Virgin Mary
  13. Burning The Architect Of Death (*)
  14. The Bronze Bull
  15. Kali Yuga (*)
  16. The Black Hole
  17. Robert F. Damiens 1757 (*)
  18. Dismemberment
  19. Ecstasy Of Flesh (*)


Francesco Ponga – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitars
Stefano Rumich – Drums
Gabriele Pala – Backing Vocals, Lead Guitars
Emanuele Cucit – Bass


Music by: Karnak, except (*) by Marco Colella
Lyrics by: Stefano Rumich
Recorded by: Niccolò Gasparini at Music City Studios (Montebelluna,TV – Italy)
Editing by: Gabriele Pala
Mixing and mastering by: Simone Mularoni at Fear Studios (Alfonsine, RA – Italy)
Band logo by: Gabriele Pala
Artwork and layout by: Emanuele Cucit
Photos by: Giovanni Assirelli @ Assirelli Photo Studio



Karnak supporting Impaled Nazarene, Exodus and many others at MetalMania Festival 2008, Komen (SLO).

Scavenger’s Daughter, track 8 from the album

The Black Hole, track 16 from the album

Karnak performing live “The Bronze Bull” at SummerMusic festival 2009, Lonca (UD) – track 14 from the album

Karnak performing live at PiEffe Factory (Lucinico – GO) 22/5/2009 (part I)

Karnak performing live at PiEffe Factory (Lucinico – GO) 22/5/2009 (part II)

Karnak performing “Blood And Sadism”, at Rock Club, supporting Necrodeath

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