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A-53 Guitar solo

1 March 2019 -

Hello everybody! Here is a short but intense guitar solo I played in the song “A-53” written by Marco Vitali for the Ulag Zone Assault project. Mixed and mastered by Mauro Ulag Mancinelli. Noemi Terrasi plays another fine solo in the tune. At this link you can hear the full song: https://ulagzone.blogspot.com/%E2%80%A6/02/ulag-zone-assault-1-53.html

Song for a rainy day

28 October 2018 -

Some airy arpeggios on the 8 strings classical guitar in a very rainy sunday here in Italy. Close your eyes and dream.

My normal evening

23 September 2018 -

This is how I normally spend my evenings: on the sofa, rolling out meaningless phrasings on a instrument of choice (tonight, the BassLab guitar).

Motion in thirds on Chapman Stick

30 July 2018 -

Here is some silly “videogamish” music on the Chapman Stick. The two hands move a third apart keeping the same intervals along. Due to the reciprocal tuning of the Stick the motion of the lines moves across octaves.

8 strings classical guitar improvisation

28 June 2018 -

Another improvised tune on the 8 string classical guitar built for me by the Italian luthier Marco Lorenzon. If you are interested in getting a similar guitar, please send a message on this facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Liuteria-chitarre-dintorni-158058104292174

8 string classical guitar

19 May 2018 -

In this video I’m having fun with the amazing 8 string classical guitar built for me by the Italian luthier Marco Lorenzon. The instrument sounds very good, I’m writing down its technical details in one next post, so, stay tuned! If you are interested in having a guitar like that (eventually with a different number […]

Champan Stick Improvisation #2

19 March 2018 -

A video shot while testing the possibilities of Guitar Rig 5 for processing the Chapman Stick. The same preset (actually a stock one) is used on both sides of the instrument.

The chaos experiment

30 January 2018 -

  This tune is quite an experiment. I recorded each instrument (fretless bass, 8 strings guitar, 7 strings guitar, chapman stick, keyboards and sax) without actually hearing the others, just the click that pulses at 51bmp. This resulted in an ominous cacophonous sequence of chords generating unexpected stacks of frequencies. If you are so brave […]

Bass Tune #1

21 January 2018 -

Here is a short composition on the fretless bass alone. The bass is a Weller, a small German brand that sells its instruments on eBay for very reasonable prices, give them a check, my bass is very well made and can easily compete with superior brands. The sound is direct from the instrument (no amps […]

Chopin’s Polonaise 53 on Guitar

13 November 2017 -

This is an extract from the famous Chopin’s Polonaise nr. 53 (“Heroic”) simplified and adapted on the seven strings guitar. The guitar, my BassLab signature model, is tuned one step below standard. Sound has been made with a amp simulator plugin but without the cabinet simulation, to give that “snappiness”.


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