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Goldenseed – The War Is In My Mind

This album was started in 2011 with the intent to make a solo guitar album after my participation in the Guitar Idol III competition with the song Kosmos 233.

The first two songs that I wrote for this album should have been part of a worldwide shred guitarists compilation that should came out for the USA label Shredguy Records.

However none of the above became a real deal, so I dediced to change this work into a Goldenseed release (my main solo project), by adding some bit of experimentation and overarrangements, like the other stuff made for this project were.

Thanks to Luigi Coppo, on the last song I had Stian Culto (ex Mayhem, Thy Abhorrent, Con Anima, and many more) as a special guest on vocals for a song that was a reissue of Chris Holder‘s On The Road. Chris Holder, departed in the 80s’, was the guitarist of the Italian combo Black Deal. The original track were sang by Elektradrive singer Elio Maugeri.

The finished product was published by SG Records in 2012 and distributed worldwide by Andromeda Records.

The musical critics were divided from this product: somebody loved this attempt of creating something different, others banned it as cold, inexpressive and illogical.

Due to the lack of a band, these tunes were only played live once (upon a pre-recorded track) during a clinic event with Felix Martin.


  1. The R38 Class
  2. Kosmos 233
  3. A Million Random Digits
  4. Aragonite Sea
  5. Blindness
  6. An Homage To Frank
  7. The Enhancer Trap
  8. XTP3
  9. G1S Transition
  10. The Cathedral Of Incarnation
  11. (Dead) On The Road


Gabriele Pala – guitars, chapman stick, programming, spoken vocals


Stian Culto – vocals on track 11


Music by: Gabriele Pala
Music on track 11 by: Chris Holder, Gabriele Pala, Stian Culto
Vocals on track 11 by: Stian Culto
Lyrics by: Stian Culto
Recorded, mixed and mastered by: Gabriele Pala
Stian Culto’s Vocals recorded by: Lars Andresen @ Attic Studios, Norway
Artwork by: Gabriele Pala
Layout by: SG Records graphic studio
Photos by: Giovanni Assirelli @ Assirelli Photo Studio



The teaser for the upcoming release:

The original video of Kosmos 233 (track number 2 from this album), the entry for the Guitar Idol III competition:

The original video of the song that became track 3 of this album:


Here is another sample song (Aragonite Sea) published on SoundCloud:

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