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Goldenseed – Creatures Of The Sea

This is my first solo release written back in 1999.

Initially the idea was to recycle the songs from the very first Subtraction demo named “Eternal”, but soon the thing turned in something else. At first the album was written to be sang by Seby Dimartino, vocalist for the Karnak line-up of that times, but this intent could not be fulfilled.

At that time I was fascinated with the first attempts of Black Metal with the use of technologies and interventions of orchestral music like Emperor, Abigor, Limbonic Art and many more.

So, thanks to the first DAWs and some external synthesizer I came up with the songs for this album.

The product still sounds fresh and interesting to my ears.

The shrieking monster screaming throughout the album is me, no pitch shifters or artifacts to change the voice have been used, all natural 🙂

Perhaps the most complicated album I did so far.


  1. Barbaric Hordes Upcoming
  2. Seas Of Chaos
  3. Creatures Of The Underworld
  4. Sevenfold Thy Heaven
  5. The Ruins Of Atlantis part II
  6. The Awakening
  7. The Majestic Wave
  8. Subconscious Contemplation


Gabriele Pala – vocals, guitars, keyboards, programming


Music and lyrics by: Gabriele Pala
Music on tracks 2,7 by: Gabriele Pala and Stefano Rumich
Recorded, mixed and mastered by: Gabriele Pala
Artwork and layout by: Gabriele Pala


The official full stream of the album on my Youtube channel:


Creatures Of The Sea on Bandcamp

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