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Goldenseed – The Astral Hologram

The fourth chapter of the Goldenseed project, released after a bunch of years from previous one.

Initially, the idea was to write a solo album for Chapman Stick with eventually some clean melodic vocals on it. However, all the singers that I got in touch with to work on this just abandoned along, so, at the end, I decided to drastically change the arrangements and turn it into a Goldenseed album.

On the backbone of the Chapman Stick, that still plays the original acoustic songs, 8 strings guitars, 6 strings fretless bass, some keyboards and my raspy voice were added upon. The result is what you hear on the album: 10 songs of pure progressive death metal with a lot of bass virtuosity.

Lyrics are about conspiracy theories, but modified with a lot of fantasy.

I decided to release this album digitally on CDBaby because nowadays going through a regular record label costs a lot of money and the physical copies are really hard to sell. So, for you all, this album is available on the major digital platform such as iTunes, Spotify and many more.


  1. Sudden Culture
  2. Directors Of The Earth
  3. Memories From Another Time
  4. The Pyramids Grid
  5. Population Manipulation
  6. Arctic Secret
  7. The Gammadion Cross
  8. Believers In The Same Nothing
  9. The Astral Hologram
  10. Final Extinction


Gabriele Pala – Chapman Stick, guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals, programming


All music and lyrics by Gabriele Pala
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Gabriele Pala, 2017
Artwork by Gabriele Pala

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