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Gabriele Pala – Music For Magic

This is the first album that is published under my real name and not as part of a band or of a project.

The 17 songs of this work were written in few months at the beginning of 2017, with the intent to be used by the Italian illusionist Gasp Lotus. He is actually using these songs as soundtracks of his shows all along the country.

The album is fully instrumental (except for some spoken effects that cannot be considered actual lyrics) and no musical instrument has been played: all music you hear has been written as score and played by virtual synthesizers on a sequencer.

Nevertheless, the songs sound intruguing, atmospheric and mysterious as it’s required by an illusionist’s show.

The album is an autoproduction, released through CDBaby and then through the major digital worldwide distributors (iTunes, Spotify, etc…).


  1. Introduction
  2. China Rings
  3. The Doll
  4. Severed Arm
  5. Paper From My Mouth
  6. The Cube
  7. A Woman Cut In Five Pieces
  8. Milk
  9. Modern Basket
  10. Clockworks
  11. Tiny Little Spheres
  12. Ring Illusion
  13. Suspended On A Chair
  14. The Flying Table
  15. Head In Flames
  16. Decapitated
  17. Exit The Stage


Gabriele Pala – programming


All music by Gabriele Pala
Artwork by Gabriele Pala

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