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Goldenseed – The Years Of Obscurity

26 May 2023 - - Discography,Self productions

This is the sixth album for the Goldenseed saga, written in 2022 and published one year later.

The initial idea was to recreate the musical style of Karnak (band in which I played from 1993 to 2010) expecially in their most progressive period, when we were mixing technical death metal with dark and obscure atmospheres taken from the Italian progressive bands of the 70s, thanks to the collaboration with Marco Colella, a genial pianist living in our region.

In the same time span, I was experimenting with artificial intelligence to create weird and horrorif images. The tunes of this album want to describe with music and lyrics the sensations that those image give to eye of the beholder.


Seitenkult (8/10)
Transcending The Mundane

Celtic Hills – Huldufólk

02 Apr 2022 - - Collaborations,Discography

Celtic Hills Huldufólk

I know Johnathan Vanderbilt since many years and I’ve always appreciated the passion and the constancy he puts in his musical endevours.

I gladly participated as a guest, with some guitar solo, on the songs “Green Forest” e “Gates Of Hollow Earth” taken from his last album under the name of Celtic Hills.

The music of this album can be labelled as symphonic power metal, and this Huldufólk boldly takes out the main and the best characteristics of this genre. You will find epic and glorious choirs to sing along as loud as you can as well as bombastic heavy metal riffs.

The album has been produced and recorded by Michele Guaitoli, frontman of great bands like Temperance and Visions Of Atlantis.

Ibanez RG8 left handed

21 Nov 2021 - - Gear

Ibanez RG8 Left Handed

I bought this guitar in 2015, after I regret selling the previous Ibanez I had at that time, a RG7420. In that period, the eight string model with the fixed bridge was available, so I got it. After all, you cannot be a serious heavy metal guitarist without an Ibanez in your arsenal!

Like all low-priced Ibanez, its main peculiarities are solidity and simplicity. Few controls, no frills, everything is ready to use. Like all the guitars of the same brand, its strong point is the neck. It has a very thin profile that enables an ultra-comfortable grip that has no comparison in the entire guitar world (at least for my tastes, but I’m sure that I’m not alone with this opinion).

With its fixed bridge it’s impossible to go out of tuning even when your downstrucks are brick-heavy djenty breakdowns or muscolar power-metal rides.

I remember that this guitars came with a factory tuning of one step below standard, actually quite an unusual choice. However, tuned one step below standard (I tune this way all my instruments, even the basses) there are absolutely no problems, this guitar is rock solid.

I played a lot of gigs with this axe and it always behaved like a powerful workhorse, loyal and reliable. Also, being very cheap, if going up and down the stage it gets some bump, who cares!

Sure, its low price is paid in terms of sound. When unplugged you can realize that by playing the two lowest strings, open or fretted wherever on the neck: they will sound like some kind of fluffy piece of plastic. You can easily describe the sound onomatopeicly with “plop” or “splat”. This does not change even with a new pricey set of fresh strings.

When connected to an amp, the plastic stock pickups will not make anybody happy: not only the most refined djentlemans will eager to replace those terrible microphones as soon as possible. Despite this consideration, I’m still there with the original pickups…. what a lazy person I am!

However, taking into consideration the price of the instrument and feeling of mastery that it provides, I still suggest everyone to buy one, and if for some reason I will need to, I will buy it one thousand times more.



Where can you buy it

This model (black and lefty) is not available anymore.

Ibanez is producing it in standard dexterity and white color [see Official Ibanez website]

Goldenseed – Illness

17 Oct 2021 - - Discography,Self productions

Goldenseed Illness

This album, initially written in 2017 and published in 2020, should have been the second album of the band Born Again.

For a number of reasons, the band’s activity wasn’t going forward for some years. I had these ten songs ready for preproduction in MIDI format, so I decided to turn them into the fifth chapter of my solo project, Goldenseed.

I recorded this album during the first Covid-19 lockdown, so which best moment to choose virus, bacteria and various illnesses as topic for the lyrics? Each song describes the horrors and the most terrible symptoms of the ten most dreadful epidemics that stroke humanity along the centuries. I was not miserly about every detail, even the most horrifying ones.

Like any other solo works of mine, I played, sung and recorded all the parts.


Metal Archives (92 / 100)

Metal Brothers (7,25 / 10)

Sanity Obscure – Codex Incognitus

17 Oct 2018 - - Collaborations,Discography

Sanity Obscure - Codex Incognitus

In this Sanity Obscure‘s album, dated 26th August 2018, you can hear me playing a guitar solo in the song Technomancer.

I got invited in this project by Joshua Leon, guitarist and main composer of the band. He is also the founder of Celestial Serenity, a project in which I played the Chapman Stick back in 2014.

The musical style of Sanity Obscure (they are from Singapore) resembles the best death metal bands of the early 90s, and adds a lot of progressive, alien and sci-fi elements to the main trunk of the sound. I strongly recommend to add them to your playlists, you won’t regret it.

Sanity Obscure su Facebook

Sanity Obscure su Bandcamp

Gabriele Pala – Music For Magic

21 Oct 2017 - - Discography,Self productions

This is the first, and the only one at the present day, album released under my personal name and not as a band or as a project.

The 17 tunes of this work were written in few months at the beginning of 2017 with the intent to create a soundtrack for the shows of the Italian illusionist Gasp. You can hear these songs if you are lucky to attend to one of his performances.

This work is completely instrumental (with the exception of some short spoken vocal section). The most interesting point is the no actual instrument has been played by anyone. All music you will hear has been written on a musical score without the use of any musical device and then rendered by means of virtual instruments and dedicated plugins.

Nevertheless, these songs sound intriguing, athmospheric and mysterious as it should be for a serious illusionism show.

Goldenseed – The Astral Hologram

18 Oct 2017 - - Discography,Self productions

This is the fourth chapter of my solo project, Goldenseed. It was written and recorded in 2017, a bunch of years later than its predecessor.

Initially, the intent was to create a solo album for the Chapman Stick alone, with some occasional clean vocal lines. However, all the singers I got in contact with couldn’t really get into the project’s mood, so at the end I decided to drastically change the arrangements of the songs and turn this material into a brand new Goldenseed album.

Upon the backbone created by the Stick, that still plays the original scores I wrote for it, I added 8 string guitars, a 6 strings fretless bass, some keyboard and my raspy chocked voice. The result is what you can hear on the record: 10 tracks of experimental death metal with a lot of virtuousity in the bass register.

The lyrics are about conspiracy theories, which are very popular nowadays, but heavily changed with my fantasy.

This album has been released in digital format only, so you can find it on the most popular streaming platforms.


Metal Archives (62 / 100)

Minotauro – Apocalyptic Sense

17 Oct 2017 - - Collaborations,Discography

Minotauro are a great progressive symphonic metal act made up of musicians from Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. They have two official albums out, both published by German labels.

In this second album, dated 2017, I had the privilege to play a guitar solo in the song “Seven”.

If you like Metal, please follow them on the main social networks and add them to your playlists, you won’t regret it!

Minotauro on Facebook

Born Again – Unprecedented Atrocities

22 Oct 2016 - - Discography,Official albums

This is the first and the only album of the band Born Again, in which I had the pleasure to play between 2014 and 2017.

It contains ten tracks of obscure and dark heavy metal, with a lot of old-school influences, yet capable of sounding fresh and catchy. In this album, differently from all my previous works, I did not improvise the guitar solo, but I studied and written each one of them as if they were small songs within the main song, with their specific arrangements and harmonies.

This band was born in 2014 with the purpose of playing a single concert to tribute the guitar player of Rigor Mortis (a historical band of my area) who died for a cancer some years before. After that concert we wrote this album, that was published by the Polish label Via Nocturna, and was officially released on the Halloween night of 2016.

Gabriele Pala – 8 strings guitars
Giuliano Erraco – vocals / guitar / acoustic guitar
Rudy Berginc – bass
Mauro Clemente – drums


Music by: Born Again
Lyrics by: Mauro Clemente, except track 9: Giuliano Erraco
Drums recorded by Riccardo Asquini @ Interstate Studio 270, 2016.
Mixed and mastered by Gabriele Pala
Band pictures by Edoardo Sartori
Logo by Mauro Clemente
Artwork by Riccardo Migliavacca


Celestial Serenity – The City Of Golden Gates

24 Oct 2014 - - Collaborations,Discography,Self productions

Celestial Serenity are an internaltional project made up of musicians coming from all over the Earth.

I was invited in this band by Joshua Leon, initially to play some guitar solos. In the meanwhile, the original bassist left the project, so I decided to take over his role by embracing the Chapman Stick.

CS’s music is progressive and dreamy, yet with a lot of metal influences. If you like bands like Cynic, this work could make your day.

Joshua Leon – guitars / vocals (SINGAPORE / UK)
Gabriele Pala – chapman stick
Manfred Dikkers – drums (HOLLAND)
Mike Browning – vocals (USA) – former Morbid Angel drummer, founder and member of Nocturnus
Richard Kaczynski – keyboards / piano / synthesizers (USA)
Johan Lindforskeyboards / synthesizers (SWEDEN)
Julien Assali – saxophone (FRANCE/GUATEMALA)
Dave Swaleskeyboards / synthesizers (NEW ZEALAND)


Celestial Serenity Official Facebook Page