Extended Range Guitars & Chapman Stick Player

Celestial Serenity – The City Of Golden Gates

This is an international project made up of people from all over the globe.

I was involved by Joshua Leon at first to play some lead guitars in a couple of songs, then the bassist that was contacted decided to leave the project, so I kept up the role of Chapman Stick player and wrote the parts for all the six songs of this work.

The music is progressive and dreamy, sometimes metal, if you like bands like Cynic, this is for you.

A lot of great guests for different genres and countries were involved besides the three main members.


  1. Sargasso Sea
  2. Aurora Borealis
  3. Cthulhu: Ancient One Of The Great Deep Sea
  4. Lemurian Dreamscape
  5. Spontaneous Human Combustion
  6. Anachronisms


Joshua Leon – guitars / vocals (SINGAPORE / UK)
Gabriele Pala – chapman stick
Manfred Dikkers – drums (HOLLAND)


Mike Browning – Vocals (USA) – former Morbid Angel drummer, legendary founder and member of Nocturnus
Richard Kaczynski – Keyboards/Piano/Synth (USA)
Johan Lindfors – Keyboards/Synth (SWEDEN)
Julien Assali – Saxophone (FRANCE/GUATEMALA)
Dave Swales – Keyboards/Synth (NEW ZEALAND)




Celestial Serenity Official Facebook Page


The album is fully streamed on Bandcamp at the following link:


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