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Born Again – Unprecedented Atrocities

This is the first album of Born Again, a heavy metal band from my area in which I have the pleasure to play in.

Ten tracks of heavy dark thrashy metal with a lot of old school influences, yet sounding modern and catchy. This time the lead guitars were not improvised but actually composed as micro-songs within the songs with full arrangements and some harmony here and there.

The band was born after the split up of Rigor Mortis (another local band from my area) in which I was invited to play to remember the passing of its former guitar player, Gianluca Grusovin, who died of cancer some years ago.

This work has been published worldwide by the Polish label Via Nocturna, on the Halloween night of 2016.


  1. Further Beyond The Rainbow
  2. Criminal Love
  3. Confusion In My Mind
  4. Dreaming Bad Things
  5. Ghostrider
  6. Fuck You Bitch
  7. Spectre of Justice
  8. Shit Life
  9. The Realm of the Rising Mist
  10. War


Giuliano Erraco – vocals / electric & accoustic guitars
Gabriele Pala – 8 strings guitars & synthesizers
Rudy Berginc – bass
Mauro Clemente – drums


Music by Born Again
Lyrics by Mauro Clemente, except track 9 by Giuliano Erraco
Rudy Berginc is Minotauro lead vocalist http://www.minotauro-band.com/)
Drums recorded by Riccardo Asquini @ Interstate Studio 270, 2016.
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Gabriele Pala
Band pictures by Edoardo Sartori.
Gabriele Pala uses BassLab guitars & EssetiPicks guitar picks.
Rudy Berginc uses Dogal strings.
Artwork & Logo by Mauro Clemente.
Sleeve design by Riccardo Migliavacca



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