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BassLab Gabriele Pala Std Model

In 2008 I contacted mr. Heiko Hoepfinger, master builder at BassLab, for the realization of a custom guitar based on my needs.

As you can notice, BassLab produces unique-shaped basses and guitars pioneering the process of building musical instruments with the use of materials alternative to woods that allow your fantasy to fly free without compromising the sound quality of the finished product.

My guitar has the following features:

  • Built with the special patented BassLab material (a sort of carbon fiber, if you want a suitable paragon)
  • Completely hollow, from body to neck
  • 7 strings
  • Headless, ETS hardware
  • Seymour Duncan pickups (custom at the bridge, jazz at the neck)
  • Volume control with killswitch (by pulling up the pot the guitar is being muted)
  • 3 ways pickup selector
  • Ford metallic grey
  • Bass clef as 12th fret marker, diamond side dots
  • My signature on the area below the bridge and on the top back of the neck

The main thing that normally people ask me is how it sounds? Can a guitar that seems made out of plastic sound well? The answer is: absolutely yes! The guitar sounds gorgeously, you can feel it even when played unplugged.

Without any cable connected, the hollow body and the resonant material make the instrument sound huge, like a semi-acoustic jazz guitar but with a touch of added high end that gives enhanced brilliancy to both single note lines and strummed chords.

By attaching it to my rig the sound becomes distinctive. The cleans are snappy and super-defined, the distorted tones sounds very modern and it’s very easy to get the tones of modern bands like Animals As Leaders. But, beware, it’s a hollow body, with my valve head pushed hard I need to make some adjustments on gain and eq because it’s very easy to get unwanted feedbacks and noises, but once that the proper settings has been found, the guitar shines and spreads its tones wonderfully.

You can hear the guitar on most of the album I made since then, in a recording situation I use it mostly for the lead and the clean sounds.

On my youtube channel you can find many videos of how it sounds. I put here some of them, but please check my channel for more details.

And of course, if you are interested, do not hesitate to visit www.basslab.de and ask for a quote!

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