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Azure Agony – Our Last Time On Earth

This is the third and last Azure Agony album, released in digital format only after band’s split up in late 2014.

Some new musicians were included in the lineup to replace the original members that left the band before this work could be recorded.

It’s a sort of “best of ” of the Azure Agony adventure.

We took some songs from the first two albums and played in an unusual (for us) acoustic versions, replacing guitars with Chapman Stick, and changing the structure of the songs a little bit.

The title is also meaningful, it’s Azure Agony’s last testament.


  1. Twin Babel
  2. Private Fears
  3. Libra’s Fall
  4. Across Elysian Fields
  5. India
  6. Hold My Hand
  7. Forever Blind


Federico Ahrens – vocals
Gabriele Pala – chapman stick
Marco Sgubin – synthesizers & accordion
Nickolas Gios – bass
Alessandro Dri – drums & percussions


Recorded by Marco Sgubin & Gabriele Pala
Mixed and mastered by Marco Sgubin
Artwork by Marco Sgubin


The album is available as a whole for listening on youtube on the official Azure Agony channel:

It can be streamed on SoundCloud too:

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