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Azure Agony – Beyond Belief

This is the first album I did with Azure Agony.

I joined this band in 2006, accepting an invitation from the keyboardist Marco Sgubin in order to play three songs (written by a previous line-up of the band) to participate in a local contest.

We decided to continue as a band after the contest (that we didn’t win btw), and started to write other songs, with the intent to have a first full-length album.

We also tried to add a singer to the songs, but we didn’t find anybody capable of filling out the role, so the 50 minutes of Beyond Belief remained instrumental.

Once finished, we thought to print a bunch of copies ourselves, just to sell them to our friends.

Instead we were contacted by SG Records, nowadays one of the most active Italian indie labels, and the album has been published worldwide in 2010 and got tons of amazing reviews.

I still consider this work one of the best I did so far.


  1. Awareness…
  2. Mystic Interiors
  3. Terror Haza
  4. The Temple Of Vandora
  5. Ante Tentora
  6. Across Elysian Fields
  7. The Fall Of The Vector
  8. Secret Getaway
  9. The Last City


Marco Sgubin – keyboards
Gabriele Pala – guitars
Marco Firman – bass
Carlo Simeoni – drums

 Guest musicians:

Anna Marcossi – cello
Giorgio Marcossi – flute


Music by: Azure Agony
Drums recorded by: Nico Odorico @ Angel’s Wings Studio
Guitars recorded by: Gabriele Pala
Bass and keyboards recorded by: Marco Sgubin
Reamping, mixing and mastering by: Luigi Stefanini @ New Sin Studio
Artwork and logo by: Gabriele Pala and SG Records
Photos by: Gianluca Tonzar



Listen & Buy:



A playthrough I did for the song Terror Haza (track 3 from the album):

The original video for the song Mystic Interiors (track 2 from the album), filmed in our rehearsals room and directed by Simone Vrech:

Azure Agony performing live “Ante Tentora” at Rock Club (Ronchi dei Legionari GO). The bass player had a broken leg, but played the same!

Azure Agony performing live “Mystic Interiors”, same gig as above.

Somebody shared on Youtube the song “Secret Getaway”

Somebody else shared on Youtube “The Last City”

Here is a version of “Across Elysian Fields” I did with the Chapman Stick in 2014:

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