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Goldenseed – The Astral Hologram

01 Sep 2017 -

The fourth chapter of the Goldenseed project, released after a bunch of years from previous one. Initially, the idea was to write a solo album for Chapman Stick with eventually some clean melodic vocals on it. However, all the singers that I got in touch with to work on this just abandoned along, so, at […]

Gabriele Pala – Music For Magic

22 May 2017 -

This is the first album that is published under my real name and not as part of a band or of a project. The 17 songs of this work were written in few months at the beginning of 2017, with the intent to be used by the Italian illusionist Gasp Lotus. He is actually using […]

Azure Agony – Our Last Time On Earth

06 Apr 2014 -

This is the third and last Azure Agony album, released in digital format only after band’s split up in late 2014. Some new musicians were included in the lineup to replace the original members that left the band before this work could be recorded. It’s a sort of “best of ” of the Azure Agony […]

Celestial Serenity – The City Of Golden Gates

06 Jan 2014 -

This is an international project made up of people from all over the globe. I was involved by Joshua Leon at first to play some lead guitars in a couple of songs, then the bassist that was contacted decided to leave the project, so I kept up the role of Chapman Stick player and wrote the […]

Goldenseed – Collector Of Illusion

06 Jan 2007 -

On this album, made under the moniker of Goldenseed and written between 2006 and 2007, I tried to experiment also with the voice. It’s the only work in which you hear me singing, with different kinds of voices, from pure clean to growls, to fry spokens, to high falsettos and many other vocal techniques. The […]

Karnak – Laboratorium

06 Jan 2004 -

In 2004, Karnak got mad. This is the apex of the progressive side of that band. We even abandoned the growl voices or any other typical death metal attitudes to land in a work mostly made of progressive and dark atmospheres with a lot of references to the avant-garde composers of the early XX century […]

Karnak – Tutti i Colori Del Buio

06 Jan 2002 -

This self produced album from Karnak was made to tribute the Italian horror filmography of the 70s, hence the title (it is a famous Sergio Marino‘s movie made in 1972). The songs are dark and obscure yet brutal. In this album there are a lot of guitar synth interventions, not all the keyboards you hear actually […]

Goldenseed – Creatures Of The Sea

07 Feb 1999 -

This is my first solo release written back in 1999. Initially the idea was to recycle the songs from the very first Subtraction demo named “Eternal”, but soon the thing turned in something else. At first the album was written to be sang by Seby Dimartino, vocalist for the Karnak line-up of that times, but […]

Karnak – Perverted

07 Feb 1997 -

This is the first Karnak release dated 1997 and also the first professional recording I made. The songs are heavily influenced by the mainstream tech and brutal acts of that times like Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Pestilence, Death and many others, but still a personal sound is present, thanks to the great work of Ivan Rassu […]


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