Extended Range Guitars & Chapman Stick Player

Born Again – Unprecedented Atrocities

31 Oct 2016 -

This is the first album of Born Again, a heavy metal band from my area in which I have the pleasure to play in. Ten tracks of heavy dark thrashy metal with a lot of old school influences, yet sounding modern and catchy. This time the lead guitars were not improvised but actually composed as […]

Azure Agony – India

06 May 2012 -

This is the second Azure Agony‘s album and the first to have vocals on it. Perhaps it’s the most melodic and linear thing I did so far. Like the first album, the main core of the music is Progressive Metal, but again we tried to keep it as much personal as possible. The album itself […]

Goldenseed – The War Is In My Mind

06 Jan 2012 -

This album was started in 2011 with the intent to make a solo guitar album after my participation in the Guitar Idol III competition with the song Kosmos 233. The first two songs that I wrote for this album should have been part of a worldwide shred guitarists compilation that should came out for the […]

Karnak – Dismemberment

06 Jan 2010 -

This my last appearance in Karnak, perhaps the title of the album has something meaningful in it. I left the band right after that Copro Records UK published this album in 2010, due to personal and musical different ideas. This album is structured somehow like Pestilence’s Testimony Of The Ancients: there is an alternation of intros […]

Azure Agony – Beyond Belief

01 Jan 2010 -

This is the first album I did with Azure Agony. I joined this band in 2006, accepting an invitation from the keyboardist Marco Sgubin in order to play three songs (written by a previous line-up of the band) to participate in a local contest. We decided to continue as a band after the contest (that […]

Karnak – Melodies Of Sperm Composed

07 Feb 2000 -

Perhaps my most representative release of all times. This album contains all the elements I would like to find in music: complexity, deviated melodies and riffs, horror keyboards, different types of aggressive vocals, disturbing lyrics, drums & bass virtuosity. The songs were written in about six months in 1998 with the help of the pianist […]