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Obscenity – Beyond

07 Feb 1996 -

This is the last demotape made in 1996 before Obscenity changed its name to Karnak. It contains some of the song we were used to play live at that time. Most of them were actually included in the first Karnak release. Tracklist: Perverted Rise The Blasphemy Suppressed By Hate Wings Of Destiny Musicians: Gabriele Pala […]

Obscenity – Pierced Flesh

07 Feb 1995 -

This is the first demotape made under the moniker of Obscenity, back in 1995. This was the most “satanic period” of the band, we used to play our gigs with a full set of inverted crosses and many other fancy evil stuff. The lyrics of the songs were also about those topics. I’m very sorry […]


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