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Shroud For Jesus guitar solo

18 March 2017 -

Perhaps this is one of the best solos I’ve ever written so far. Taken from the song “Shroud For Jesus” from the first Karnak album entitled “Perverted“, back in 1997. Played again for you all after 20 years. Enjoy!

Karnak – Dismemberment

6 January 2010 -

This my last appearance in Karnak, perhaps the title of the album has something meaningful in it. I left the band right after that Copro Records UK published this album in 2010, due to personal and musical different ideas. This album is structured somehow like Pestilence’s Testimony Of The Ancients: there is an alternation of intros […]

Karnak – Laboratorium

6 January 2004 -

In 2004, Karnak got mad. This is the apex of the progressive side of that band. We even abandoned the growl voices or any other typical death metal attitudes to land in a work mostly made of progressive and dark atmospheres with a lot of references to the avant-garde composers of the early XX century […]

Karnak – Tutti i Colori Del Buio

6 January 2002 -

This self produced album from Karnak was made to tribute the Italian horror filmography of the 70s, hence the title (it is a famous Sergio Marino‘s movie made in 1972). The songs are dark and obscure yet brutal. In this album there are a lot of guitar synth interventions, not all the keyboards you hear actually […]

Karnak – Melodies Of Sperm Composed

7 February 2000 -

Perhaps my most representative release of all times. This album contains all the elements I would like to find in music: complexity, deviated melodies and riffs, horror keyboards, different types of aggressive vocals, disturbing lyrics, drums & bass virtuosity. The songs were written in about six months in 1998 with the help of the pianist […]

Karnak – Perverted

7 February 1997 -

This is the first Karnak release dated 1997 and also the first professional recording I made. The songs are heavily influenced by the mainstream tech and brutal acts of that times like Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Pestilence, Death and many others, but still a personal sound is present, thanks to the great work of Ivan Rassu […]


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