Extended Range Guitars & Chapman Stick Player

Sanity Obscure – Codex Incognitus

26 Aug 2018 -

Yet another guest appearance with a guitar solo. This time I was honored to play on the song Technomancer by this great progressive death metal band from Singapore named Sanity Obscure. I was kindly invited by Joshua Leon, already mastermind of the Celestial Serenity project in which I played the Chapman Stick in 2014. Their […]

Minotauro – Apocalyptic Sense

14 Oct 2017 -

Minotauro is a great metal band made up of members from Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. I had the privilege to play a guitar solo on the song Seven from their second release entitled Apocalyptic Sense and published by 7Hard records. Please make sure to have a listen to the album and follow the band on […]

OsseltioN – Digital Primordial

01 May 2016 -

On this record, published by SG Records in 2016, I play a guitar solo on track nr. 3, entitled “Old/Useless/Reseted”. Many thanks to Mauro Ulag (OsseltioN’s mastermind) for involving me in this schizoid progressive death metal project! Links: https://www.facebook.com/OsseltioN Videos:

Evil Lucifera – Lux In Tenebris – Divide Et Impera

28 Feb 2015 -

On this record, I appear as a guest on the last track of the set, a special version of the classic Mike Oldfield‘s Moonlight Shadows. The classic Maggie Reilly’s voice has been replaced by the Lucifera’s soaring growl and the whole arrangement turned into a dark death metal tune! The album has been published by the […]

Hammered – The Beginning

06 Jan 2013 -

Hammered are a young band coming from my area. This is their first work, published in 2013 by the Italian label Punishment18. They involved a lot of local musicians to play some guitar lead in their songs, I played a solo on the song Master Of Your Nightmares. If you like solid old school heavy thrash metal, […]

Gone In April – We Are But Human

05 Jan 2012 -

On this album I play guitar solos on the songs “Immolation To Survive” and “Since You Are Gone”. Gone In April is an international band of progressive metal with musicians from Italy, Canada and Germany. Their music is very original and catchy: it blends classic melodic death metal riffage with a very particular female voice and violin […]