Extended Range Guitars & Chapman Stick Player

Two chapman stick improvisations

07 Jan 2020 -

  These two videos were shot during the same day to test some new plugin settings on Logic Pro X. I discovered that actually the Chapman Stick does not need so much processing for a good sound. In these videos, there is just a slight reverb and an EQ cutting out some bass frequencies around […]

Motion in thirds on Chapman Stick

30 Jul 2018 -

Here is some silly “videogamish” music on the Chapman Stick. The two hands move a third apart keeping the same intervals along. Due to the reciprocal tuning of the Stick the motion of the lines moves across octaves.

Champan Stick Improvisation #2

19 Mar 2018 -

A video shot while testing the possibilities of Guitar Rig 5 for processing the Chapman Stick. The same preset (actually a stock one) is used on both sides of the instrument.

Chapman Stick Melodic Improvisation

26 Apr 2017 -

Here is some melodic improvisation on the Chapman Stick. I strongly believe that is instrument is an ideal companion for music that’s being created on the fly. Even if it could look like guitar and bass strings on a same huge neck, it’s more like a portable piano to me.

Twin Babel Chapman Stick Arrangement

26 Feb 2017 -

Here is an arrangement for Chapman Stick of the song Twin Babel, the opening track of the second album of Azure Agony. This arrangement tries to capture the main themes of the song, sometimes highlighting the vocal melody, sometimes the rhythms, sometimes the backing chords. My plan is to create such a version for one […]

Christmas Song on Chapman Stick

22 Dec 2015 -

Here is a small simple tune I wrote on the Chapman Stick for the 2015 winter holidays. I wish you all a Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year!

First multi-instrument video

07 Oct 2015 -

Here is the first video in which I play bass, guitar and Stick. Everything is improvised on the spot upon a 11/8 track made with Logic Pro drummer tracks.

Azure Agony – Our Last Time On Earth

06 Apr 2014 -

This is the third and last Azure Agony album, released in digital format only after band’s split up in late 2014. Some new musicians were included in the lineup to replace the original members that left the band before this work could be recorded. It’s a sort of “best of ” of the Azure Agony […]

Celestial Serenity – The City Of Golden Gates

06 Jan 2014 -

This is an international project made up of people from all over the globe. I was involved by Joshua Leon at first to play some lead guitars in a couple of songs, then the bassist that was contacted decided to leave the project, so I kept up the role of Chapman Stick player and wrote the […]