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Twin Babel Chapman Stick Arrangement

26 February 2017 -

Here is an arrangement for Chapman Stick of the song Twin Babel, the opening track of the second album of Azure Agony. This arrangement tries to capture the main themes of the song, sometimes highlighting the vocal melody, sometimes the rhythms, sometimes the backing chords. My plan is to create such a version for one […]

Goldenseed and Azure Agony on Spotify

17 January 2016 -

Goldenseed and Azure Agony music is now fully available on the worldwide famous music platform Spotify. Here are the link for the full stream of the complete albums. Feel free to share, download, play, click, like and add to your playlists! Azure Agony – India Azure Agony – Beyond Belief Goldenseed – The War Is […]

Azure Agony – Libra’s Fall (acoustic version)

27 September 2015 -

Azure Agony – India (acoustic version)

19 September 2015 -

Azure Agony – Private Fears (acoustic version)

13 September 2015 -

Azure Agony – Twin Babel (acoustic version)

12 September 2015 -

Azure Agony – Hold My Hand (acoustic version)

6 September 2015 -

Azure Agony – Forever Blind (acoustic version)

5 September 2015 -

Azure Agony – Private Fears

18 July 2015 -

Azure Agony – Our Last Time On Earth

6 April 2014 -

This is the third and last Azure Agony album, released in digital format only after band’s split up in late 2014. Some new musicians were included in the lineup to replace the original members that left the band before this work could be recorded. It’s a sort of “best of ” of the Azure Agony […]


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