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Subtraction – Eternal

This is the first thing I recorded ever, back in 1994. The band was called Subtraction, but it was the same core that later in the years changed into Karnak.

Actually it can be considered a full album, since it contains 8 songs and lasts more than 45 minutes.

The songs were written between 1992 and 1993, and there was a lot more songs, but since I joined the band right before the recording we chose to pick up the best ones.

The album was recorded by Andrea Rigonat, a friend of ours, a very talented guitarist that later became famous for being in the band for Elisa (a very popular italian pop singer).

The songs were a mix of classic death metal (Death and Pestilence were our main inspirations) and something more experimental like Voivod.


  1. Autentic Revelation
  2. Sleep In Peace
  3. Incinerator Active
  4. Away From Truth
  5. Arabesque Massacre
  6. Device Of Time
  7. Internal Voices
  8. Suppressed By Hate


Gabriele Pala – Guitar
Stefano Rumich – Drums
Francesco Ponga – Guitar, Vocals
Mauro “Gusto” Meneguzzi – Bass


Music and lyrics by: Subtraction
Recorded by: Andrea Rigonat
Mixed and mastered by: Subtraction and Andrea Rigonat


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