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Obscenity – Pierced Flesh

This is the first demotape made under the moniker of Obscenity, back in 1995.

This was the most “satanic period” of the band, we used to play our gigs with a full set of inverted crosses and many other fancy evil stuff.

The lyrics of the songs were also about those topics.

I’m very sorry for not having the original artwork of this demotape, it was very well done by a friend of ours and fitted very well the music as well as the themes that we were in.


  1. Deformed Being
  2. Forgotten God
  3. Liquified Souls
  4. Shroud


Gabriele Pala – Guitar
Stefano Rumich – Drums
Francesco Ponga – Guitar, Vocals
Maurizio Menon – Bass


Music and lyrics by: Oscenity
Recorded by: Obscenity
Mixed and mastered by: Obscenity
Artwork and logo by: Obscenity


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