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Modes Debunked

19 Lug 2015 -

I always hated modes. Let me explain why in few, clear, points. Why do they have ancient greek names? An unfinished, crappy work. There are a few Greek names for the modal scales, one per each degree of the major scale plus some other ones. For all the other scales, those names are enriched with […]

Why so many strings?

22 Feb 2015 -

A lot of people, mostly from the places I live in, continuously ask me why I need to use guitars and instruments with more strings than what it should normally be (6 for guitars and 4 for bass). Somebody even complain about this, saying that “they are not needed”. At a first glance, they are […]

Reduction to C Major

15 Feb 2015 -

The reduction to C Major principle is an improvising system I created to gain the possibility to play upon every kind of chord by just “using” the C Major scale: CDEFGAB. I do not pretend that this could be a sort of Columbus’ egg, or something that has not been invented before. It’s just another […]