Musician / Digital Artist

Goldenseed – Sevenfold Thy Heaven


Artist: Goldenseed

Album: Creatures Of The Sea

Year: 1999

Line up:

Gabriele Pala – vocal, guitars, programming


Sevenfold thy heaven, oh innocent
Let me push myself in thee
I am going to bath in the pool of blind insanity
To reach the edge where Christ’s doctrine hangs
Tortured it will be by those blades you’ll ever deny to see

You are the key to the abyss
Unconscious door to Satan

Rumors in your head, it’s me
Oh incredible desire
Splashing where the light fades away
Where demons call forth my name

Winds – sweep away all fears
Night – lick perversed my soul
I am the subtle death
The cancer that breaths inside your brain is the very link to hell

Open up thy mind to worship me below

You are the key to the abyss
Oh unconscious door to Me
You are the key to the abyss

Welcome to my hell