Musician / Digital Artist

Goldenseed – Creatures Of The Underworld


Artist: Goldenseed

Album: Creatures Of The Sea

Year: 1999

Line up:

Gabriele Pala – vocal, guitars, programming


Those creatures

Bloating, contorting, entwining, multiplying
Invading my space and my mind

I will dance among unhumans
Lost in time and whirlpools of water
Liquid rancid minds, former boiling broth
Insanity unveiled as deadly thoughts are freed
Odd nature revealed, feel their pleasure sad
Seeing my ego overwhelmed
Algae evolving to living complex forms
Virus of hate is seeded in the depths of my hypotalamic pool

Souls are dancing, melting in the sea
Clouds are spawning bloody children
Swallowed be their soft red bodies
To reflow on earth in form of water

Creatures of the underworld