Musician / Digital Artist

Goldenseed – Charade


Artist: Goldenseed

Album: Collector Of Illsions

Year: 2006

Line up:

Gabriele Pala – vocal, guitars, programming



A musicbox clinging out nightmares is exploding in my head
Like the bullet swallowed by the suicide hangs on the tree of Judas
Indistinct sounds emerge from the innermost depths of the unknown universe

Webs weaved by the spiders dwelling in my scars
Moon becomes a smile strangling me like an umbilical cord

Nobody is allowed to sleep entangled in those moanings
Splitting up two perfect halves of the eternal contrast
An odd fight between what you are and what you should be
An uncomplete charade, a persistent game

Undeletable like a malediction is afflicting my flesh wet by fear

Slay the aborted phoetus
Letterless anagram