Musician / Digital Artist

Goldenseed – Chaos Within


Artist: Goldenseed

Album: Collector Of Illsions

Year: 2006

Line up:

Gabriele Pala – vocal, guitars, programming


Panting in anguish
Around me only fog
Leaded raindrops are thrashing my skin
A dead baby is maturing in my womb to be littered by a burnt witch
I drink from the spring poisoned by unsleeping mind’s miasmas

Paranoid is overcoming the bridge in between internal abysses
To perceive the lament of the damned through tenebras hiding them from sight
Feel the sickness in your limbs as you’re nailed down to the ground
Hammering swarms of blind insects are scratching to blood this human cattle

We are the mercy of everything, whilst reigning onto nothing

There is no other street to follow to get out from this infernal maze
The black guardians are staring us
Creeping in this horrendous mental mud
Contorted bodies deformed now rot represent my innermost thoughts

As I’m vanishing from the real life
To isolate myself before they can see
We bow down to false interior idols
Horrible voices howling inside
Hear the whips of chaos within