Extended Range Guitars & Chapman Stick Player

Early years

I was born on 16th November 1977, in Trieste (Italy).

I started being interested in music very early, teasing some toy keyboards and trying to read musical scores.

I grabbed my first guitar in hand at 11, a very old and unplayable wreck. Some years later my parents bought me the first decent instruments, a classical guitar first, and an electric one later.

My first band was called Fire Dreams and used to play some Iron Maiden covers and some original tune. In the meanwhile I was discovering extreme metal music and started developing some technical aspects.


In 1993 I joined SUBTRACTION, that, during the years, changed their name to OBSCENITY first, and to KARNAK then. With them, with different line-ups, I made five studio albums and reached a pretty good success in the underground metal scene, thanks to the MELODIES OF SPERM COMPOSED album. In 2010 times were mature to depart from this great band and pursue other directions.

In 1999 I started the GOLDENSEED project in which I put in everything not possible with a human band, experimenting with forcefully exaggerated arrangements, speed and complexity. Four albums are done so far.

In 2006 I spent a period with REVOLTONS, a great heavy metal band from Friuli, playing guitar and keyboards at once, but we cannot continue together due to logistic problems.

In 2006 I joined AZURE AGONY, a band playing prog metal. The first album, Beyond Belief, a coragious instrumental work, allowed the band to get in contact with the Italian label SG RECORDS and start with them a yearly-lasting collaboration for various albums. The second chapter of Azure Agony, entitled India, has been published worldwide by SG Records in late October 2012. This time the band has a singer and the album is generally one the most linear and melodic things I did so far, musically speaking.

In 2015 I collaborated with EVIL LUCIFERA, a talentuous Italian black metal female singer. My first appearance with her is in a bonus track of her last album, a special version of Mike Oldfield's Moonlight Shadows.

In 2016 the collaboration with a local band named RIGOR MORTIS XI, turned into a real band named BORN AGAIN playing some thrash metal with both old school and modern influences. The first album entitled UNPRECEDENTED ATROCITIES has been published by the Polish label VIA NOCTURNA. A second chapter is under construction.


In 2008 I got in contact with Heiko Hoepfinger, owner and inventor of BASSLAB instruments and created my signature model guitar, based on a lot of needs and ideas accumulated over the years, but never found in any commercial instrument.

In 2011 I also started to play the CHAPMAN STICK, the most famous and the first touch style instrument. In the meanwhile, together with Stefano Mattiussi, I had the chance to participate in some local festival of avantgarde experimental music, and play the 8 strings guitars upon Stefano's electroacoustic compositions.

Lately, thanks to the increasing popularity of social networks, I could get in touch with a lot of great musicians all around the world and start to collaborate with them. My first appearance is for some guest guitar solos on the debut album of the American band GONE IN APRIL.

2012 begins with a new Goldenseed project entitled THE WAR IS IN MY MIND that is being officially published worldwide by SGRecords. On a song in this album, I had the great opportunity to have as guest on vocals STIAN CULTO, well known for having participated in the past in famous Norwegian black metal acts like MAYHEM, Shadow Dancers, ThyAbhorrent and many more.

Thanks to Marco Vitali and STEVE TOMMASI I began a proud endorser of the Italian brand of handmade guitar picks ESSETIPICKS.


In 2018 MARCO LORENZON, a great local luthier, built for me a classical 8 strings guitars so I started to explore also that side of music.

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