Musician / Digital Artist

Azure Agony – Private Fears


Artist: Azure Agony

Album: India

Year: 2012

Published by: SG Records

Line up:

Gabriele Pala – 8 strings guitar, chapman stick
Federico Ahrens – vocals
Marco Sgubin – keyboards
Marco Firman – bass
Carlo Simeoni – drums


Concentrate your private fears, now I feel like I feel
To delegate my dues is not for you, there’s nothing true in this
Analyze my life: a total strife, a total loss indeed
Analyze my life: a total strife, so where’s the enemy?

I look in the abyss of my soul
And close my eyes one more time
One more time

You have told me that you need devotion
All the lies I just can’t control
Can’t you see me? I’m in endless motion
I always end up missing my goal

Take your fears in your hands
(Another solution to live)
Act before it’s too late
(Another solution to die)
Fight yourself in the dark
(Another solution to live)
Watch the light in your eyes
(Keep the sand in your hands)

Look in the mirror, a face in front of you
Small eyes are growing inside
I try to destroy those voices within my brain

I became conscious of these brutal fears
Ten thousand worms are devouring my soul
And I fight alone for my sanity

You can see my shadow
Fly beyond that wall
That grow in your mind
Brick by brick
Bring your blood out
Rise is falling
Fly to spread your wings
One by one
Swallow my pain
Purify me

Sand in your hands