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8 string classical guitar

Chitarra classica 8 corde

This 8 string classical guitar has been built for me by the Italian luthier Marco Lorenzon in 2018.

The top is made of spruce coming the area of Tarvisio / Valcanale (a mountain area in north-east of Italy, close to the Austrian and Slovenian border).

The internal structure does not use any carbon or synthetic materials.

Sides and back are made of Bubinga, and the neck is made of mahogany.

The strings I normally use come from Dogal.

The instrument is very lightweight and sounds really big with a lot of grain and richness in the mid low end.

The shape of the body gives really easy access to the upper register of the instrument.

I didn’t want any electronics on this instrument, I prefer bare wood and eventually use an external microphone to pick up the sound.

I normally use standard tuning but one full step down, so, low to high: EADGCFAD. The idea with this tuning is to have a guitar that is tuned like a regular six string guitar, but one octave lower, while reaching more or less the same high notes.

If you are interested in getting a guitar like this, feel free to visit Marco’s website by clicking on the logo below:

Lorenzon Guitars

Here are some videos to hear it in action:

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