I am an Italian musician, I've always been interested in progressive music, with no boundaries or limitations.
I play extended range guitars, the Chapman Stick, sometimes I try to play piano, keyboards and eventually sing.
My main focus is to compose creative music that does not surrender to any commonly accepted standard.
On this site you will find the most updated status of my musical activity.
I hope you enjoy it!

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Latest News

20/7/2013 Guitar playthroughs seem to be quite popular nowadays, so I decided to try to make one myself. The song in entitled Terror Haza, and it's taken from the first album of Azure Agony (the band in which I'm currently playing) entitled Beyond Belief, published by SG Records in 2010.
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4/5/2013 From my blasting past, on Bandcamp, the first album of my solo project Goldenseed, dated back 1999... still a fresh work in my opinion... have a listen, if you like Emperor, Abigor, Nocturnus, Cradle Of Filth and so on... ;)
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7/4/2013 Today I dared myself by trying to play a Béla Bartók tune called Stick Game. Far from being perfect, it was very challenging. I hope you like it!

25/3/2013 Punishment 18 Records publishes today the first album of the band Hammered entitled The Beginning, a great mix of heavy, power and thrash metal. On their first record, I had the pleasure to play a guitar solo on the track Master Of Your Nightmares. Please follow this great emerging band!
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17/3/2013 I created a profile on SoundBetter, a new web hub for recording engineers and session musicians. If anybody is interested in some session playing with guitars or Chapman Stick, or eventually mixing/mastering services, feel free to go through this page. Only crazy music will be accepted!
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27/11/2012 Today I shot a new video with the amazing Chapman Stick. This time I had fun with mangling out the theme of the famous jazz standard Autumn Leaves. I also got some positive feedback from Emmett Chapman himself on the Stickist website. Check it out!

26/10/2012 The new Azure Agony album entitled INDIA is out today for SG Records!!! Be sure to get your copy of this new masterpiece!
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15/10/2012 The new official Azure Agony videoclip is online! The song is entitled Private Fears and is taken from the upcoming album that will be officially released in few days

20/9/2012 The new Azure Agony album entitled India is on the way to be officially published worldwide by SG Records. The release date is forecasted for the 26th October 2012. In the meanwhile, take a look at the album teaser. The first official full videoclip will follow soon!!

1/6/2012 Hello everybody!! I proudly announce that I've officially entered the family of EssetiPicks endorsers!! EssetiPicks are truely the best picks I've got through so far!! I'm very honored to be part of it! Very big thanks to Essetipicks by Steve Tommasi! More news soon ;)
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